Choose the fun way of learning PLC programming for all education levels and industrial training parts

We offer a high quality kit designed to teach PLC engineering and programming skills to industrial in service trainees and to students at all educational levels.

Using 4 real life familiar scenarios, learn how to

  • analyse the situation and split it into functional blocks
  • design for the normal situation (happy flow) and for fault handling
  • design tests and documentation
  • write PLC software
  • validate your fault handling using the red switches or holding the motors back (they are designed for this)

(Laptop and mouse not included)


1 box with 4 training scenario's

PLCtrainingKIT Train Crossing

Train Crossing

The Train Crossing scenario is designed to get the student familiar with the PLC hardware and software as well as how PLCtrainigKIT works. We also explore how to find the web-site resources.

This scenario is provided with a step by step guide to a solution, guaranteeing every student success.

PLCtrainingKIT Car Park

Car park

The student will learn to program a car park, starting with programming one motorized barrier, 2 light sensors, 3 hall sensors and a traffic light. This work is encapsulated as a software object allowing it to be replicated for the other 3 barriers. The work continues with tickets, payments and car park full indication before progressing to slow movement reporting and logging.

This scenario also introduces operator and maintenance screens as well as documentation. Elevator

Elevator Company

Convert an analogue signal to elevator position. Show this in the cabin and on the floors. Accept and prioritize the calls.  Indicate direction. Confirm the elevator position using proximity signals before unlocking doors. Develop logic to cancel calls and decide where to stop.

Advanced students will check the analogue passenger load (allowing for acceleration) before moving off and will preposition the elevator according to the time of day chocolate factory

Chocolate factory

In order to make different products recipes are entered and stored. Valves allow the ingredients in to enter the heating and  mixing tank. Here the level and temperature are monitored by 2 analogue inputs. For confirmation a comparison is is made with float switches. Finally the product is delivered and the tank washed (unless a batch is to be repeated).

Using the red fault switches valves and float switches can be made to stick in order to facilitate validation of the fault handling in the students program. A plant mimic panel is displayed on the students computer.

Ready for Plug and Play

Car Park
ZelioSoft PLC schneider electric

PLC is already connected to the 4 scenarios, providing for an plug and play solution. Including:

Elevator Scenario PLC Top View
Chocolate Factory Scenario PLC Top View
Car Park Scenario PLC Top View
Train Crossing Scenario PLC Top View

What is included?

PLCtrainingKIT Parts Top View

PLC training KIT

PLC training KIT (Train Crossing, Car Park, Elevator and Chocolate Factory)

Robust unit designed to be used on the desktop in a stackable transport box.
Power adapter for EU, UK, AU or US

Plug and Play

The PLC training KIT is wired to the four scenario's and ready to program by the students. You can switch scenario with one push on the button.

Online training

Free access without registration.

4 course levels
(Video) instructions
Free access

Free Software

Free access without registration downloads.

Tested and works on:
Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8.1 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit

PLC training KIT

  1. Everything in one easy to transport box.
  2. Real PLC, motors and sensors used in the scenario's.
    • Motors can be held back easy without breaking or hurting the students. This is done to test the program's response to failures..
  3. Buttons to introduce faults to really test your PLC skills.
  4. Only 10 min needed for installing the software and without any need for licenses.
  5. Every thing you need to teach or learn is online without needing an account.
  6. Students enjoy programming real PLC scenario's 
ZelioSoft PLC schneider electric side view

PLC training KIT

€ 3.500,- exc. VAT and shipping

  • 1 x PLC training KIT (Train Crossing, Car Park, Elevator and Chocolate Factory)
  • 1 x Schneider Electric Zelio with expansion
  • 1 x Adapter for EU, UK, AU or USA
  • Free online software & course material
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