Chocolate Factory

Train Crossing

Good morning software engineer, today we had a phone call from the national railways. They like are compony to program the new Train Crossing. We know your are new to this. Every scenario you get is split up in to tasks. Your client (the teacher or trainer) will tell you what tasks you need to complete to finish the scenario. On the website you got tools to help you with the task. Most of the information you can find in the library. When a word is marked in blue you can click on it and find extra information.

Task 1

The client is asking for a different PLC then your used to. Go ahead and download and install the PLC software. When your finished with installing the software. Take a look on how to set up your PLC program. When you finish make sure you know how to connect and download your software program on to the PLC.

End of the Task 1

·        Software engineer has the working program on the laptop.

.        Software engineer can set up the PLC.

·        Software engineer can download program on PLC.


Task 2

Today you’re going to start programming digital inputs and digital outputs.

Take the ticket is a output (…). The switch next to take the ticket is a input (…).

Connect the input to the output and load your program in the PLC.


Result most do the following:

·        When your press the switch the led (lamp) must go on.

·        When you release the switch the led needs to turn off.


Task 3

The next step is programming with AND function.

Use the same ticket switch as input and use the first hall sensor. The cars are magnet and will turn on the sensor when it’s above the hall sensor.

When both are high then the led from “Play pay” needs to be turned on.


Result most do the following:

·        When your press the switch the led (lamp) and the car is above the sensor the led “Please pay” is on.

·        When you release the switch or the car is not above the sensor the led is off.

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