Introduction Car Park

Our customer is an airport car park operator. We are adding a new car park. You will do the automation.

The car park has an inbound lane an outbound lane. Each lane has five car detectors (hall sensors) to sense where any cars may be. The inbound lane has a ticket machine and the outbound lane has a payment terminal. Each lane has two motorized barriers with optical slots to detect the fully up and fully down positions. There are traffic lights before each barrier and “car park full” and “spaces” lamps at the entrance. One barrier in each lane must always be closed to prevent “drive through”.

Using the Car Park scenario we will learn to perform the following tasks:

  • Define inputs and outputs in the PLC
  • Check the input and output functions with a minimal hardware test program. (using push buttons).
  • Design a state diagram for a subsystem (first barrier)
  • Program this subsystem  (using a Sequential Flow Chart)
  • Simulate the subsystem
  • Test the subsystem
  • Copy and reuse the subsystem programs (using a Macro)
  • Couple subsystems.  (Entrance lane)
  • Test coupled subsystems
  • Add a car counter
  • Indicate when Car Park is full. (Refuse more cars)
  • Communicate Number of Spaces to Central Information System

It is required the car park office can monitor the entrance and exit lanes. To do this we will learn to perform the following tasks:

  •   Make a mimic displaying the status of sensors and actuators.  (HMI)
  •   Add timers to various processes and provide alarms when the process has stopped.
  •   Communicate Breakdowns to Central Information System

Further if there is a failure, certain information must go automatically to the breakdown service. To do this we will learn to perform the following tasks:

  •   Add timers to various processes and communicate when the process is slow
  •   Test this fault handling
  •   Store performance data for use by maintenance service

Lets get started go to lessen 2 and test the hardware.

PLCtrainingKIT Car Park 3 cars
Car Park Scenario PLC Top View
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