How to use the barriers and the light sensors

Zij aanzicht onderweg klein

Barrier is made up of:

  • (Stepper)motor
  • Plastic barrier
  • 2 light sensors
  • 2 blue leds (the 2 red or green leds are used for traffic lights)

For testing their program, the barriers are designed to be held back bij students without damage to students or the PLCtrainingKIT. The motors can also stay on and will not over heat.

Controlling the barrier

Driving the barrier 1 motor up is done by putting PLC output Q.B ON. The blue led will turn on to show the motor is powered to go up.

Driving the barrier 1 motor down is done by putting the PLC output Q.C ON. The blue led will turn on to show the motor is powered to go down.

When the programmer sets output Q.B ON. The PLC sends a 24V signaal to the driver. The driver will power the stepper motor to go up. The motor continues to power up until the signal turns OFF. When the barrier hits the end stop (part of the overlay) the motor will continue to push up. The motor is rated to allow this, but that is not what a good program will do.

schuin aanzicht open klein
Barrier outputs
schuin aanzicht gesloten klein

Sensor turned on

sensor aan
Licht sensor gemaakt

Sensor turned off

Sensor uit
Licht sensor

Light sensors

We use the light sensors to detect if the barrier is up or down. When the barrier blocks the light in the sensor a 24v signal is sent to the PLC.

When barrier 1 is down input I.C will be ON and I.B. will be OFF.

When Barrier 1 is up input I.B will be ON and I.C will be OFF.

When barrier is moving in between the sensors both sensors I.B and I.C will be OFF.

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