How to use the Simulation in Zeliosoft

How to use the Simulation in Zeliosoft

Start with opening the ZelioSoft software and select the correct PLC and PLC extension for the PLCtrainingKIT.

If you did not download and install the free software you can start there.


Create new program

(5 minutes)

1. Create new program. If you need help with how to setup the software for your first program click on the link.

2. Make a program with multiple inputs and one output. We are going to use inputs I.N, I.Q and output Q.7 and the AND Gate.

The illustrations use I.1, I.2 and Q.1 for a compact picture. Don't forget that you should use inputs I.N, I.Q and output Q.7

C Simulation 1

3. Now open the Simulation bij clicking on the "S" in the top left corner.

K Simulation 2b
C Simulation 2

4. Click on "RUN.

C Simulation 3 b
Simulation 3

5. The Simulation is now running. If we click on the input, the input will change to on or off. Because we use the AND Gate when both inputs are on the output will turn on. When clicking on the wire it will give a pulse.

Simulation 4
K Simulation 4

6. Right click on the work area you can reset all inputs to their real values (in simulation this is OFF).

c Simulation 6a

7. Click on "Ja" or "Yes".

K Simulation 6

8. If you click on Stop. You will stop the simulation. If you're ready with checking your program you can download the software in to the PLC and see if it works on the PLC training KIT.

C Simulation 2
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