Introduction PLCtrainingKIT

Before we start

Before we start the Train Crossing scenario we would like to give you an short introduction in to the hardware and website. In the next lessons we will provide a step by step guide to install the PLC software and communicate with the PLC.  Further you will find an introduction in to simulation and how to monitor the inputs (switches, light sensors and magnetic sensors). Finally you will lean to control the outputs (leds and motors). We will start with the hardware and show you to find your way around the website.

The hardware

  • Plug in the power supply
    • Plug in the power supply on the top left side of the PLC training KIT. When powered the PLC training KIT will turn on in demo mode. The last program in the PLC will also start but box will no do anything with the signals of the PLC.
  • Switching between scenario's
    • The KIT provides 4 scenario's. You can switch between the scenario's by pressing on the scenario button (it's placed in the middle of the 4 scenario's). All 4 scenario leds will light up in demo mode. By pressing the button it will switch to the first scenario. By pressing again it will go to the next scenario. The active scenario led will light up when the scenario is active. There will be an small delay before the scenario will react on the PLC. This will make sure you can switch between the scenario's without the motors moving.

The website

The website is made up out of different sections: information about the box (Home, PLC training KIT), student section (where the lessons are), Library (where the extra information is) and the teacher page (information which will help the teacher or instructor).

  • Student section
    • In the student section are all the lessons. The lessons are split up in to four scenario's and four different starting levels. Every level will start with the introduction in the Train Crossing scenario. The teacher or instructor will tell you what lessons to follow. If you don't have a teacher of instructor go the the teacher section.
    • When going to the student section you can choose the scenario when you left the last time. On the lessons pages there are buttons.
      • Next lesson on top right side of the page.
      • Last lesson on the top left side of the page (starting form lesson 2)
      • On the left side of the student pages you can selected the lesson you would to go to.
  • Library section
    • In the library section you will find extra information you will need for the lessons. If you are not sure what to do or get stuck it will help you.
  • Teacher section
    • The teacher section helps the teacher or instructor with choosing lessons for the students.


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